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Wyckid 3D Creations is here to provide you with EPIC tabletop rpg gaming pieces. From miniatures, terrain, to buildings that will bring a whole new aspect to your gaming sessions. Most of these products are D&D friendly but can be used for other styles of play. The items you will see here are designed by some of the most creative and detailed of designers such as Brock Potter of Imagin3Designs, Chris Shirer of Imagination Forge Games, Mia Kay of M3DM, and many more.

Wyckid 3D Creations offers mostly unpainted models with the exception of primed models, but if you want a painted version, please reach out in the contact us section for pricing on a custom painted model. There are plans to offer models pre painted in the store, but this takes time and all of the models will be hand painted by very talented hands.

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Product Spotlight

A royal messenger to deliver a notice of an epic adventure for a party of companions. This is an awesome model designed by Imagination Forge Games, printed by Wyckid 3D Creations, and painted by our amazing artist Adrian. Contact for special pricing regarding custom painted models. 

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