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A mysterious miniature in a unique container. Each container holds a random mini ranging in size from 28mm scale to 32mm scale. These miniature are not seconds or damaged prints. Resin color is random.

Some mystery mini containers may hold more than just a miniature. Random container may have coupons, rewards, painted mini, or special redemption items such as a free dragon or gargantuan model. You never know what the dice may hold!

These miniatures are designed by amazing creators such as M3DM, Imagin3Designs, YourNeighborhoodKnight, Stoneaxe Miniatures, Medusa Miniatures, and more. Containers are designed by Wyckid 3D Creations. All minis are printed by Wyckid 3D Creations and licensed by designers.

This listing is for one Mystery Mini, not pairs or groups.

Mystery Mini 28mm-32mm

Excluding Sales Tax
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